South Asian Students Association

Give Back

SASA wants to find new ways to give back to the South Asian community here in Princeton and around the world. Do you know any charities that support South Asian people or causes? Let us know by filling out the form here. Just leaving a suggestion makes a difference. People often think that only big donations from big companies can truly make a difference. Maybe they can help more people at a time or plan larger projects. But that doesn’t mean that organizations like ours cannot and should not do our part.

One day everyone in this group decided to matriculate to a school whose motto was “In the nation’s service and the service of all nations.” That motto shouldn’t just be something that we print on our brochures. It should be a goal that we should keep in mind in our classes, in our research, and especially in our extracurricular activities. Charity is not always about giving money either. Giving time, or giving a good idea is just as valuable. So whether you are South Asian or not, if you come across this website, please do your part and suggest at least one way that we can make a difference.


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