Dance Dimensions 2013

Dance Dimensions 2013

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We are pleased to announce the fourth annual South Asian Dance Dimensions Competition, a Princeton University-sponsored event to showcase some of the best South Asian dance talent at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. After a successful competition in 2011, we are looking forward to having an even better event this year.

The event will be held on April 6, 2013 at Princeton University’s historic Richardson Auditorium. We will welcome eight Bollywood dance teams to compete for $3000 in prize money. We will also be having an audience favorite award, so be sure to bring along plenty of your friends to cheer you on!

This year SASA is proud to introduce Bollywood Night following the Dance Dimensions competition. Join us at the Carl A. Fields Center for a night of food, good music, dance, and fun!

Saturday, April 6, 2013
8 – 10:30 PM
Richardson Auditorium

Bollywood Night will be held at the Carl A. Fields Center from 11 PM – 2 AM.

$7 Princeton Students
$15 General Admission

Buy tickets online at: (Scroll down to Event/Venue information, and click on the ‘Ticketed Events’ hyperlink next to Richardson Auditorium.)

Alternatively, buy your ticket at the Frist Ticketing Center, Monday through Friday between noon and 6pm. You can also buy tickets at the door 2 hours prior to the event from 6pm to 8pm on Saturday, April 6th.


SASA would like to thank Sunshine and Tandoori Bite for their support of Dance Dimensions 2013. Come out to Bollywood Night to enjoy delicious samosas and chicken kebabs catered from Sunshine!

Sunshine’s Tandoori Grill –

Tandoori Bite –
Tandoori Bite


Check out the official Dance Dimensions promo!


Participating Dance Teams

Cornell Sitara

Cornell Sitara
Sitara is Cornell’s Premier South Asian fusion dance team infusing Indian classical dance with hip hop, Bollywood, and modern dance. They perform at on-campus events all year and travel throughout the East Coast for various competitions and showcases.

Delaware KamaalUniversity of Delaware Kamaal
University of Delaware Kamaal was founded in 2005 by a few UD students who were captivated by Bollywood fusion dance. Kamaal has grown through out the years to become a diversified multicultural team. Our dancers come from all different types of dance backgrounds and they add a wide variety to Kamaal’s choreography arsenal. We all are passionate about dance and love being able to dance together and become a family through out the season. We love traveling and competing with amazing teams around the nation. Our cheer after each practice is 1…2…3..Family…1…2…3… “Random Expression”. We believe in loving what we do and doing it because we love it. Our team is always thrilled to experience new things and we try to have the most fun out of everything we do. Kamaal has many different characters on our team and that’s what makes it so much fun to dance together. We look forward to meeting new teams at Dance Dimensions and to be part of an amazing experience!

Drexel Broad Street BadshahzDrexel Broad Street Baadshahz
The Broad Street Baadshahz are an all male fusion dance team from the City of Brotherly Love. Going into their fifth year, they have competed and performed all across the nation at many well known shows. With some classic bollywood, traditional bhangra, unique styles of hip hop and much more, the Broad Street Baadshahz always entertain the audience and put on a great show. These guys started off as Casino Robbers, became Ninjas, then Jedis, and then Gladiators in the past couple years; who knows what they’ll bring next. This season itself they have placed second twice and recently won first at Penn State Infusion. Looking to carry on the legacy, these Baadshahz can’t wait to show Princeton some Philly Love!

NYU NashaNYU Nasha
NYU Nasha is NYU’s official all-female South Asian fusion dance troupe. The group is dedicated to promoting cultural and social awareness through performance art. Our members hail from all different styles and the group works to combine each girls strength into an unique fusion style. In combining Indian classical, modern, lyrical, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop dance styles, we have the honor of sharing pieces that address of full spectrum of genres. In creating our pieces, Nasha looks to expand beyond the boundaries created for the young, female South Asian artist and openly engage audiences in a variety of rhythmic conversations.

NYU Pandemonium
NYU Pandemonium
NYU Pandemonium is the Premier and only True Hip Hop Bhangra Dance Troupe in the nation. Founded in 2005 at New York University, Panda strives for excellence in Hip Hop and Bhangra along with complex routines, ridiculous stunts, unparalleled uniformity and choreography, and a unique combination of songs and mixes.


St. John's RaazSt. John’s Raaz
RAAZ is St. John’s University’s official South Asian female fusion dance team, a group of students that embody the passion and love for their culture through art. The team was established in 2002 and since then has competed and placed at national collegiate competitions. The team encompasses many different styles of dance such as Indian Classical/Semi-Classical, Modern/Contemporary, as well as Hip-Hop. Our purpose is to promote cultural awareness and unity of the various styles of dance, complex techniques, and ageless beauty of South Asian dance. “RAAZ” originates from the Hindi word meaning “secret.” Unveil the mystery and enjoy the excitement these girls bring to the stage.

UB ZealUB Zeal
UB Zeal, University at Buffalo’s South Asian Fusion Dance Team, strives to promote dance not only as entertainment but also as a form of art. Known for their dedication as a dance team, Zeal has had the opportunity to compete and exhibit at various venues on and off UB’s campus. UB Zeal has shown its prowess as a developing fusion dance team over the past 4 years by keeping traditional Indian dance as a foundation, and infusing modern twists into their choreography and music. Zeal, literally meaning passion, describes our dancers exactly as they are: enthusiastic and passionate about dance. Being a new team of 12 trained and untrained dancers in this dance circuit, we hope to showcase what Zeal has to offer at Dance Dimensions this year.

UNC ChalkaaUNC Chalkaa
UNC Chapel Hill Chalkaa is a fusion dance team formed at the University of North Carolina, and creates a unique blend of East and West culture by combining Bollywood, Classical, Hip-Hop, and other dance styles. They have performed all over campus as well as all over the country, in states like Virginia, Ohio, and New York. Their goal is not only to entertain audiences with themed dance routines, but also to promise Indian culture.




Nithin PaulNithin Paul
Some claim him to be the inspiration for Dark Temptations by Axe Body Spray. Others whisper rumors that he is in fact ‘Baby Boy’ in Beyonce’s Baby Boy. There are those who even swear that Mark Zuckerberg sent him a friend request. Alas, the only known fact is that he has never denied any of it. Moreover, his history only adds to the allure as he was born in India, but only hit puberty in America. It is this exotic combination that has created an identity of the first of its kind. Coming to Dance Dimensions, straight out of medical school, Nithin Paul is out to show the world and set the stage for a whole new stereotype, the Indian-born-confused-desi.


Shikha Uberoi

Shikha Uberoi
Shikha Uberoi is a senior at Princeton majoring in Anthropology with a certificate in South Asian Studies. She is a former top 100 professional tennis player representing India. She currently sportscasts in India, produces and directs films, and is seeking to enter television hosting full time. Check out her official Facebook page and website:,




Atreyee Dasgupta
Mrs. Atreyee Dasgupta
Atreyee Dasgupta started learning Lucknow Gharana Kathak when she was 5 years old. She learned Kathak from guru Maya Chatterjee and pandit Bachan Lal Mishra. She also attended many workshops by pandit Birju Maharaj. She holds a Nritya Prabhakar degree in First Divsion, with distinction.

Ashif Gazi
Ashif GaziAshif Gazi is currently the Creative Director and Choreographer of the nation’s premiere all male Bollywood/Fusion Dance troupe, The Wanted Ashiqz. At an early age, Ashif was inspired by the late Michael Jackson and the plethora of Bollywood films played in his home. He would mimic the choreography of his favorite stars and would eventually go on to learning various forms of Indian dance styles. As he grew older, Ashif wanted to broaden his dance repertoire by taking classes and learning different Western dance genres. This, along with years of experience in dancing and choreographing for his Bollywood dance teams, has propelled him to become one of the most dynamic Bollywood choreographers. His ability to fuse various Indian dance forms with western styles and theatrics is what makes him so unique. Specifically, Ashif is most known for integrating Hip-hop with predominantly Bollywood-Filmi dance styles.

Ashif has led his Bollywood dance team to nationwide recognition as they have won numerous national dance competitions with their innovative themes, colorful Bollywood sets and costumes, and intricate choreography. He has also led them to become the first Bollywood team to compete in and win a globally recognized hip-hop competition, World of Dance. Through the years, Ashif has had the privilege of choreographing for and dancing alongside many great Bollywood artists such as: Shahrukh Khan, Bipasha Basu, Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukherji, Sonali Bendre, RDB, Raghav, and Pop-R&B sensation from Cash Money Records, Jay Sean. Ashif’s choreography was also featured on stage for Hollywood and Bollywood directors such as Mira Nair and Karan Johar.

Ashif’s greatest asset lies in his ability to entertain the audience. In a very female driven world of Bollywood dance, Ashif’s over-the-top visions break the stereotypical barriers and thrill the audience with each performance. He is a firm believer that every performance should be much more than just dancing; it should take the audience on a journey. Ashif is now looking forward to expanding those creative projects onto bigger platforms, and hopes to propel Bollywood further into global media.


Aparna DhruvIMG_3896
Aparna Dhruv has 20 years of experience in Indian Dance, specializing in Bharatnatyam, semi-classical, folk and Bollywood. She currently runs MALC Dance Academy at Franklin Park, New Jersey.

She was professionally trained and certified in Bharatnatyam from Ashwini Kala Kendra’s institute for Classical Dance, Mumbai, India. She received training in western dancing from Shiamak Daver’s Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA), also in Mumbai India. She is also a member of Veena Mehta’s folk and Garba dance troupe.

Aparna has choreographed many special events like birthday parties, weddings, mehndi, sangeet and private performances.

She has been teaching dance for more than 15 years in India and the USA, combining Indian classical dance forms with Bhangra, Garba, folk and funk, creating the perfect fusion of old and new.